The Society aims to protect and enhance the character and appearance of Hartley Wintney, especially our Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings and our Common Land. Our committee comprises long-term residents and new arrivals to the village who together bring a range of expertise and perspective to meeting the Society’s aims. Committee Members meet monthly to inspect planning applications and to discuss village issues. We pay particular attention to proposed housing developments, planning applications and making representation when we consider that such proposals do not sit well with the look and feel of our historic village.

We endeavour to hold an Autumn and Spring meeting for our members to catch up with the Society’s work and to influence future activities. So that our representations on behalf of the village continue to count we endeavour to work closely with Hartley Wintney Parish Council, liaise with Hart District Council and continually seek support from local residents who share our aims. You can support us by becoming a member of the Society for a small annual subscription. Members are kept informed of village matters by e-mail, through members’ meetings and by accessing the website.


The village of Hartley Wintney is largely an 18th to 19th century development, straddling the A30 and quite a distance from its historic centre. The old village was situated around St Mary’s Church and on the hill with the priory below between today’s village and the M3. Historically, the Manor of Hartley Wintney consisted of a number of small settlements surrounded by large areas of common and heathlands. These settlements were also at Hartford Bridge, near The Lamb Inn, Dipley Green, on Hartley Row and at Phoenix Green.

HWPS will research and archive the past, record the present and promote a future that fits with what has gone before viewing the heritage of Hartley Wintney as a whole within its Hampshire and UK context.

Help us to protect and enhance the beauty, amenities and vitality of this village and its surrounding countryside. Become a member of the Society today.