Do you have any historical leaflets, books etc about Hartley Wintney?  If so, the Committee would love to hear from you.  We would like to create an index for use in the future.


Use the link below to see the quiz and answers from this year's Village Festival.

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Once again there was an excellent Village Festival on Saturday 10 June 2017 with crowds enjoying the sunshine and festival atmosphere.

The Society gained nine new members with many others expressing an interest. 

The historical photographs were on display and these will be on display again at Culture on the Common on Sunday 30 July 2017.

Information supplied by Leigh Wallace, Assistant Senior Countryside Ranger

If you have visited Causeway Pond recently, you will have noticed that the edge boards all along the pond are rotten and the wave action over the pond has undercut the bank leaving a trip hazard at the ponds edge, which was a health and safety issue for Hart District Council.


To remedy this, HDC have hired specialist contractors Aquamaintain to remove the old edge boards and replace them with new green Oak edge boards at the Common side of the pond with a geotextile filter sheet to stop the erosion from happening again. The filter sheet will retain the fine material and will be fixed to coated steel anchors to keep it in place and using tensioning Gripples to prevent movement.


At the road side of the pond they will be installing coir rolls which have been pre-established with native wetland plants. They will have anti-grazing mesh cages on them to stop the birds eating the new growth, which will need to be kept on for at least one season to allow the plants to become established. The coir rolls will also control erosion.


The contractors are also installing 2 sets of green Oak duck access steps, approximately where both benches are, to replace the old steps.


In total the work should take about 2 to 3 weeks.

Message posted 14 March 2017




At 10 December 2016, our membership reached 200.  The next target is 250!

Benches recorded around the village during 2016 
Blanche Balgarnie Mark ‘Rocket’ Raby
Lloyd Barnard Edith Mary Robertson (Robbie)
Ann Bridges Marjorie Sayers
John Cain Nicholas J Searle
Len Culver William Ronald Vyvvan Searle
Rose Culver Winifred Else Searle
Diana Princess of Wales Ken Sheppard
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Audrey Stoop
David Ely Stoop family
Jim F R Fuglesang OBE Russell Taylor
David Gorsky Toc H
Hugh St G Hamersley Nigel Topham
David Hazell Ken Turk
Holmwood Terrace and Albion Place Turky
District Nurse Horobin Derek and Barbara Vann
Bill Mitchell Pat Vaughan
Monty Richard Michael Vaughan
R W Jock Morrison Ruth and Colin Vaughan
Doris Parmenter MBE Hartley Wintney & Hartley Row WI
Barry Poole Clive Avery Wright
Jordan Gratwick (1990-2016)